How to Capture Documents into Your Repository: Part 1

Capture—the process of getting data into an enterprise content management (ECM) system like Laserfiche—is an integral part of many business processes. The sooner documents are saved in the system, the sooner they can be used, filed to retention standards and audited. Here are a number of capture strategies to improve enterprise-wide compliance and information transparency. If You’re Dealing with Paper Documents Most organizations, even … [Read more...]

Document Management ROI You Can Actually See

Before you embark on an in-depth ROI calculation, it is useful to see what other companies have accomplished. While statements like “30% improvement in responsiveness” or “peace of mind” can provide great clues of potential gains, they don’t provide a very concrete picture. When Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) invested in Laserfiche document management, it wanted to be able to show its before-and-after story in a tangible … [Read more...]

How to Make HR Records Management Way Easier: Part 2

Transparent Records Management and other facets of ECM software provide the tools for better HR practices, even in an organization without a dedicated records manager. In Part 1 of this blog series, we described why HR records management is so challenging, then introduced Transparent Records Management as a solution. Here is a four-step guide to how this solution can be implemented in HR. 1. Designate an HR administrator The “records … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways to Show Return on Investment (ROI) for Document Management Software

Assessing ROI for a digital document management system can be as simple as imagining a clean, paper-free desk. Try it right now. Nice, isn’t it? But it’ll take more than pleasant thoughts to convince your boss that converting to a new system is worth the time and effort. Below are five positive changes that can come from adopting digital document management, plus a handy guide to calculating the figures for your own organization. 1. Freedom … [Read more...]

How to Make HR Records Management Way Easier: Part 1

We often talk a lot about the roles and responsibilities of records managers—but not all organizations actually have records managers. In the case of human resources (HR), maintaining employee records often falls on the HR department itself. HR professionals shouldn’t spend too much time acting as records managers, yet it’s crucial to comply with government and company policies regarding employee files. How can HR professionals balance … [Read more...]

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management (ECM)—it’s a term that’s evolved with technology and the multi-faceted needs of organizations. The driving force, however, has always been constant—to do business better. Whether you work in the healthcare industry or you ship fertilizer to banana plantations, chances are you’ve got content that needs managing. So let’s explore the subject of ECM at its most basic level, so you can start to understand how it … [Read more...]

How Do You Explain Records Management To Regular Employees?

Explaining a concept to an unfamiliar audience requires more than expert knowledge—you need to be able to adapt your message so it’s relatable and thought-provoking. Records management, with its myriad rules and regulations, can sound almost like another language to the untrained ear. But employees who don’t understand the importance of records management are unlikely to follow its rules, leaving the organization at risk and the records manager … [Read more...]

Record Collecting Versus Record Retention

Anyone looking into a financial advisor’s office or file server will notice it right away: hundreds, even thousands of files and records that detail every financial decision, action and communication the advisor has ever made. Do financial advisors need to hang onto every single document? Sort of. The SEC has mandated that financial advisors must keep certain records under the Investment Advisor Act of 1940 (Advisors Act) and Rule 204-2. … [Read more...]

Document Management vs. Records Management: What’s the Difference?

Separately, document management and records management seem straightforward enough, but what happens when you put them side-by-side? While these terms have some overlapping characteristics, there are crucial distinctions that make each practice essential for your organization’s success. Below are definitions of each term, followed by the three key characteristics that distinguish these practices from one another. What is document … [Read more...]

How to Achieve Hiring Compliance with ECM

Hiring compliance violations are on the rise in the United States. Missing employee documents, inaccurate personnel information and a general lack of awareness of hiring requirements are common culprits causing stiff employer penalties. Here are three ways organizations can optimize their processes to improve personnel file accuracy and ensure compliance with hiring laws. Research Hiring Compliance Laws Before automating your … [Read more...]