Laserfiche Avante

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Out-of-the-Box Functionality

  • The intuitive, Windows-based Laserfiche Client.
  • A Laserfiche content server.
  • The Laserfiche Workflow automation system.
  • Laserfiche Scanning tools that support TWAIN and ISIS scanners.
  • Microsoft Windows/Office interoperability to archive Outlook e-mail and more.

Additional Capabilities:

  • DoD 5015.2-certified Records Management.
  • Audit Trail tracking.
  • High-volume document capture and processing.
  • Fully functional thin client for Web access.
  • Read-only public Web portal.
Laserfiche Avante empowers your organization to operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably by:

  • Managing all organizational content—both structured and unstructured—throughout its life cycle.
  • Ensuring that information is an asset that is consistent, reliable, useful and available.
  • Facilitating compliance with failsafe security and auditing features.
  • Integrating seamlessly with the applications employees use every day.
  • Streamlining operations by automating manual, repetitive processes.
Flexible Pricing Structure

Laserfiche Avante’s pricing structure makes it simple and affordable to add new features and functionality to your Laserfiche system as your needs change.

System Diagram
Out-of-the-Box Functionality

  • Capture: Add paper documents to your Laserfiche repository with an intuitive scanning interface. Create archival TIFF images of electronic documents without repetitive printing and scanning.
  • Store: Centralize management of multiple types of information including digitized paper documents, electronic documents, e-mail and digital audio and video files. Servers are sold individually and support industry-standard Microsoft and Oracle database platforms.
  • Secure: Protect your information with comprehensive security features.
  • Automate: Promote constant productivity with rule-based or scheduled routing, e-mail notification and a toolbox of more than 60 built-in activities.
  • Search & Retrieve: Give users intuitive, instant access to information. Users each have their own connection through the Laserfiche Client, so they are always able to access their information.
Expand Beyond the Basics

  • Quick Fields: Laserfiche Quick Fields provides high-volume document capture and processing tools, including data extraction modules, capture tools, image enhancements and forms processing tools.
  • Laserfiche Plus: Laserfiche Plus archives documents on CDs, DVDs, USB drives or external hard drives in self-contained repositories that include built-in viewers and search engines.
  • Laserfiche RME: Laserfiche Records Management Edition is a DoD 5015.2-certified solution, fully integrates records management with your Laserfiche Avante system.
  • Audit Trail: Laserfiche Audit Trail tracks actions users take within the Laserfiche system, so you ensure information security and simplify regulatory compliance.
  • Agenda Manager: Laserfiche Agenda Manager simplifies and automates agenda processes from item submission through publication of the final document.
  • Web Access: Laserfiche Web Access, a true thin client, reduces installation, support and maintenance requirements by providing authorized users with access to your documents over the Web.
  • WebLink: Laserfiche WebLink offers a read-only public Web portal with secure, one-touch document publishing.

More than 60 built-in activities help you create workflows quickly, or you can create and run custom Laserfiche Workflow activities with VB.NET or C# scripts. A graphical Workflow Designer enables you to create workflows by mapping your business process with an intuitive interface for testing, modifying and supporting Workflow activities. Laserfiche Workflow builds on the capabilities of Windows Workflow Foundation so you can extend its functionality to all your line-of-business applications.


Smarter Outcomes
Publication and Distribution Enterprise Risk Management ROI for Repeatable Processes
Enterprise Information Portal Personalized Interfaces Value Creation

Valuable Capabilities
Transparent Records Management Business Process Management Enterprise Search and Retrieval
Enterprise Classification Document Capture and ETL Information Life Cycle Management

Agile Framework
Single Point of Control
By serving as the universal repository for all organizational content (including paper forms, audio/video files, e-mail, etc.), Laserfiche Avante provides a single point of control for complete life cycle management.
Integrative Middleware
By acting as integrative middleware that links into legacy systems and line-of-business applications such as GIS, CRM, ERP and more, Laserfiche Avante allows users to access information in the manner and environment in which they are most comfortable.
Enable Shared Services
By enabling shared services, Laserfiche Avante eliminates data silos and automates cross-functional activities, accelerating collaboration and data processing enterprise-wide.

  • Rapid-response technical support. Your Laserfiche reseller will promptly troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise—before they impact operations or affect staff productivity.
  • Online support resources. Your staff receives access to the Laserfiche Support Site, where they’ll find the detailed technical information that helps them optimize system performance and maximize uptime, as well as integrate your document repository with your organization’s other line-of-business applications.
  • The latest hotfixes, updates and patches. These critical items ensure that your Laserfiche system continues to operate at peak efficiency.
  • New releases. You’ll make sure your system stays current, as new releases of your licensed products are included at no additional charge.
  • An easy path to growth. We’re committed to continuously improving and expanding the Laserfiche product suite. And as we do, you can credit 100% of the purchase price of your current Laserfiche software toward any new product line purchases.

Download Laserfiche Avante Brochure