How to Make HR Records Management Way Easier: Part 1

We often talk a lot about the roles and responsibilities of records managers—but not all organizations actually have records managers. In the case of human resources (HR), maintaining employee records often falls on the HR department itself. HR professionals shouldn’t spend too much time acting as records managers, yet it’s crucial to comply with government and company policies regarding employee files. How can HR professionals balance … [Read more...]

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management (ECM)—it’s a term that’s evolved with technology and the multi-faceted needs of organizations. The driving force, however, has always been constant—to do business better. Whether you work in the healthcare industry or you ship fertilizer to banana plantations, chances are you’ve got content that needs managing. So let’s explore the subject of ECM at its most basic level, so you can start to understand how it … [Read more...]

How Do You Explain Records Management To Regular Employees?

Explaining a concept to an unfamiliar audience requires more than expert knowledge—you need to be able to adapt your message so it’s relatable and thought-provoking. Records management, with its myriad rules and regulations, can sound almost like another language to the untrained ear. But employees who don’t understand the importance of records management are unlikely to follow its rules, leaving the organization at risk and the records manager … [Read more...]