Top 3 Technology Trends for HR

While HR professionals handle their own unique challenges, they must also align with the shifting goals and priorities of the organization. Today’s organizations face many pressures, such as the expectation to “go green” and to embrace, if not embody, mobile technology. Three facets of ECM address these challenges: electronic forms (e-forms), electronic records management and mobile business processing. Combined with business process … [Read more...]

Seminar and Luncheon: Beginner’s Guide to Digital Content Management

Learn how an agile ECM system from Laserfiche helps you eliminate tedious, paper-based processes that waste time and money by transforming them into automated digital workflows. Do documents always seem to be missing right when you need to find them? Are you constantly searching through file cabinets and databases? Do documents that need approval get stuck sitting on people's desks? Join us to learn from Lawrence Tabachnick, System … [Read more...]